Behavioural and psychometric testing services

Sure People Solutions can provide behavioural and psychometric testing services.

Provided through a key alliance provider in Select Performance, Sure People Solutions have quick and easy access to a fully comprehensive behavioural and psychometric assessment service.

Managed by psychologists, Select Performance provide objective, tailored and accurate assessment advice for a wide range of business critical roles. Being a broker of tests and testing providers, Select Performance has access to a variety of tests from prominent providers including SHL, Genesys and Harcourt.

Benefits of Behavioural and Psychometric Assessment

Sure People Solutions encourage you to take advantage of this assessment service, particularly for roles where success is heavily reliant on people and soft skills. It is critical to gain an objective understanding of the ‘behaviour’ to encourage more informed selection decisions in these kinds of positions.

With this service, you can benefit in the following ways:

  • Make more accurate selection decisions - hire the ‘right’ employee
  • Make informed screening decisions - avoid the ‘wrong’ employee
  • Have knowledge and guidance on how to successfully engage and transition the candidate once onboard

Why use Sure People Solutions for this service?

Two key reasons relate to ‘quality of service’ and ‘objectivity’. By using a professional service provider in Select Performance, it means you will receive optimal quality in assessment advice, with no vested interest in the assessment results of the candidates presented to you. Most recruitment companies who offer this service ‘in house’ cannot guarantee performance in these two areas as there is often little separation from their core recruitment business.

What is the Assessment methodology used?

Select Performance utilise ‘Assessment Centre’ methodology for their assessments. In this methodology, multiple assessment tools are used to assess people skills against a ‘set criteria’ (the key competencies) deemed essential for successful performance in a given role. Given that these key competencies are measured numerous times by multiple tools, Assessment Centres essentially provide a holistic, valid and reliable way of conducting behavioural and psychometric assessment.

What does the Assessment Service include?

  • Tailored psychologist assessment reporting against the key role competencies.
  • Broker model allows access to a wide range of behavioural and psychometric tests and testing providers (including SHL, Genesys, Harcourt)
  • Quality customer service with the option of ‘face to face’ and candidate located assessment
  • Online and remote assessment options
  • Full support for report interpretation and recommendations for hiring
  • Succinct and clear reporting options highlighting key strengths & development needs
  • Information for on boarding and managing candidate in first 90 days
  • Complimentary verbal feedback provided to the client and agency
  • 2 day turn around in written reporting

Assessment and Reporting Options

The assessment and reporting options for each assignment are ideally informed by an ‘Environmental review’ where the assessment content is fully understood and explored. This ensures that the most tailored and appropriate assessment option is always provided.

However, for ease of reference, we have provided 3 options in the table below - ‘Lite, Standard and Comprehensive’. These give an indication of how assessment and reporting options can be packaged.

ElementAssessment ComponentLiteStandardComprehensive
PsychometricPersonality Questionnaire
Cognitive Ability Test
BehaviouralBehavioural Event Interview
Scenario Assessment
Feedback/ReportingAgency, Client & Candidate Feedback
Computer Generated ReportingN/AN/A
Tailored Competency Report