Choosing the pick of the bunch

HR Management

We know that understanding your culture is as critical to finding the right fit with your company as the skill set itself.  We therefore take the time to really get to know you and your organisation, enabling us to select candidates that are a perfect match for your individual requirements.

HR Management

Effective management of your organisation's personnel begins with maintaining accurate and detailed records of their attributes and capabilities. Only then can Management obtain a clear picture of the human resources at their disposal and in turn, the organisation's collective capacity. Human Resource Management for Sure People Solutions provides the tools to create a human resource information system that forms the basis of your organisation's workforce planning and analysis.


The most important business function for organisations of any size is running a prompt and accurate payroll. The flow-on effects of payroll errors can have a crippling influence on stability at both the workforce and macro organisational level. Businesses using Sure People Solutions can totally ensure this stability by utilising Payroll for Sure People. This module extends its capability beyond reliable pay calculation to provide management with reports and breakdowns on payroll cost, human resource attributes and overall organisational capability.


Successful organisations are a product of their people. It has long been understood that one's "human capital" is the most significant component of almost all organisations. Sure People's Recruitment module manages the process of attracting, assessing and recruiting the best talent available, allowing you to maintain your competitive edge.

Employee Development

People for most businesses represent a large expense and the greatest opportunity - but are often the least developed resource. Is this the same for your company? With Sure People's Employee Development module a framework is provided enabling you to track development, set goals and assessment criteria, schedule interviews and reviews, record changes in salary, position, skills and training. Employee Development is fully integrated with the HR Payroll and Human Resouces modules, eliminating time consuming and inaccurate double entry of information.

Leave Planning

Are you your existing leave procedures overly cumbersome? Had enough of maintaining "the leave" spreadsheet? Ever forgotten that you have given approval for an employee to take leave only to remember when that employee doesn't turn up for work? Or worse still - are employees taking leave without it being recorded? With Sure People's HR Leave Planning you can effectively track and manage leave and remove your current hassles.

Occupational Health & Safety

The benefits of maintaining a safe work environment are considerable for business. From saving potential injury to staff, to cost and efficiency implications and government compliance, your company can improve its Occupational Health and Safety record significantly with effective management of this critical business activity.

Sure People helps you manage your workplace Occupational Health & Safety and reduce risks with Occupational Health & Safety functionality in HRM for Sure People. Using Sure People's Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) will ensure that any foreseeable workplace hazards are avoided, and when incidents do occur, the details are accurately recorded and the correct procedures are followed to resolve any arising issues.