Why Its Good To Know Your Recruiter

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November 21st, 2013

Recruiters and employers are different beasts. One is usually commissioned by several companies to help fill a variety of roles, while the other is focussed on finding a single person for a particular role. You’ll need to know how to get the best results out of your application experience

Read on for some insights into how best to assist your recruiter


Recruiter tip 1. Do your homework. Find the recruiters with a history in your industry, The best way to do this is to surf SEEK & Yellow pages & look at who’s advertising the most relevant jobs. These are the recruiters to make friends with.

Recruiter tip 2. Build relationships with recruiters. It’s not just about this job. If you’re someone with great experience or potential a recruiter will place you five or six times during your career and may keep you in mind even when you’re not actively looking for a new role. The employer on the other hand is interested in this role and your potential to grow in the organisation.

Recruiter tip 3. Be honest. If you lay your cards on the table the recruiter can help prepare you for the interview and set employer expectations. The recruiter wants you to win this role, whereas an employer might be looking at your long term growth and progression through the company.

Recruiter tip 4. Sell your experience. Employers pay recruiters to find experienced people, Only the qualified land an interview date at recruitment companies. So make sure your CV for the recruiter highlights your qualifications and experience high up and that you apply for jobs you have a reasonable chance of getting. That saves everyone’s time.

Recruiter tip 5.  Patience is key. The process may take longer than going direct to the employer because there are more steps and interviews.

Recruiter tip 6. Don't send your resume in PDF or locked documents. Many Australian candidates don't know that due to the Privacy Act Recruiters can not forward your address or contact details to their clients. When submitting resumes as PDFs or locked documents Recruiter are unable to edit this information which often means they can not continue to process your application. Plus most leading Recruitment/Labour hire agencies have unique software that requires they copy your information into their software system, this is often made difficult when the information is in Pdf format.

Recruiter tip 7. Always be on time, not early or late, excellent recruiters often meet & interview various candidates a day, they need time to set up a prepare for your interview so they can provide you with the most professional service. Being early or late can often create delays in a recruiters day, plus its never a good first impression as to professionalism IF you are late.

Recruiter tip 8. Have copies of your licences, ID, certifications, diplomas degrees on hand for your interview, even more useful is being able to email them to your recruiter. this speeds up the process in ensuring your qualifications match your resume.

Recruiter tip 9. Communicate; in this day & age there is really no excuse not to inform your Recruiter of any variables that arise. With today's email, mobile phone, text & voice call there is no excuse for not telling your Recruiter information that may effect your application or current position. Remember the Recruiter represents your needs as much as their clients, its in the Recruiters best interest to represent your needs, so empower them to do so through communication. Remember the recruiter often knows things you don't, the more they know the better they can represent you.

Recruiter tip 10. Be yourself, listen ask questions. Recruiters are only paid for successful candidates, there success is your success. Help them to help you & get to know them. Employment takes up to 60% of our life, if you want that particular job its a good idea to know your recruiter.