Common Job Application Mistakes

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February 27th, 2014

Common Job Application Mistakes, here’s what not to do: 


1. Address the wrong person. Recruiters such as Sure People Solutions get CV after CV addressed to the wrong person or company. “They say: ‘you are the greatest person and I want to work for you’, but the name is wrong”. In many cases the applicant has sent out hundreds of CVs and may even have the wrong industry. Correct action: tailor both your CV and cover letter to the job.


2. Check your spelling and grammar. Attention to spelling and grammar is one of the seven most universal job skills. We see spelling errors all the time and raises an eyebrow when American spellings such as organization rather than organisation are used or if there is inconsistency throughout the document. You’ll look better educated and more professional if you get this right. Correct action: it’s easy to overcome this one. Use a spell checker and grammar checker, but give the results a once over to avoid auto correct errors.   


3. Write convoluted applications. Too much or too little detail can result in a lack of clarity. A classic example of this is a CV that involves what looks like multiple jobs over a period of time whereas it was different divisions of the same employer. Correct action: use bullet points for clarity and get someone else to read your application for simplicity.


4. Fail to include your current location. Employers and recruiters want to know where you are located. They may assume that you’re overseas if you leave your location out,. If you’re just down the road and can come in for an interview you boost your chances of getting a job. Correct action: make sure the recruiter knows where you are based – especially if you’re immigrating or emigrating.


5. Send an inappropriate photo. Glamour shots, dog walking, isn't going to boost your chances of getting a job. “It’s distracting". Correct action: If you feel a photo is necessary or required by the recruiter get a professional shot taken.


6. Failing to include contact phone numbers. Recruiters often want to pick the phone up and speak to the candidate. If there is no phone number they move onto the next CV. Correct action: make it easy for recruiters to contact you by providing email, home and mobile phone numbers, if your an international candidate include your skype address/number. IF you don't have one down load it, its easy

7. Read the job ad properly, ensure you actually understand all aspects & variables such as: start dates, required qualifications, remuneration, location etc. No point applying for a job that you cant get to or that you aren't really interested in. 

8. If possible include certifications in the body of your resume, including sample copy of your certifications in your resume helps to confirm that you are qualified for the job. doing this can greatly speed up the process as it confirms you are who you say you are.

The single best thing you can do to ensure your CV is to check, re-check and then get someone else to give it the once over to ensure that you haven’t described yourself as a shoplifter (shopfitter), Ass Manager (Assistant Manager) or pubic relations professional (Public Relations Professional).