5 Questions To Ask A Labour Hire Company

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December 6th, 2016

A labour hire company looks after the hiring, management and dismissal of your employees for you. They take the difficult part off your hands; sourcing skilled or unskilled workers for short or long term positions, finding the ideal candidates, going through the interview process, and going through all the required background checks. They are a great resource for companies that are focused on certain industries where large numbers of employees are needed for different projects. 

So, when you are searching for a labour hire company to take care of your employment processes, what should you ask?   

What is their policy for workplace agreements?

Any labour hire company should provide employment agreements for each contract or project that a potential employer takes on. Agreements should be created both between the labour hire company and your business, and between employees and both companies. The agreement should cover the ins and outs of the project, project time and budget, and any other pertinent details that need to be outlined before a project begins. 

Do they provide and guarantee safe working environments?

The safety of every individual involved in a project should be the number one priority of a potential labour hire company. They should be focused on ensuring that they comply with all health and safety standards, and have a policy to make sure that any site that labour hire and internal employees work on is safe for all involved. As soon as a labour hire company is taken on to look after the nitty gritty of a project, they need to take on the health and safety of employees too; as any breaches in that area will fall on your company. 

Do they have positive strategies around communicating?

Hiring employees doesn’t just end after a contract is signed and the candidate begins work. Labour hire companies should be involved in the wellbeing of the employee throughout their tenure with the company, and should be contactable and accessible for all queries and requests. They should also have strategies in place to manage communication surrounding employee absences, and any issues with employee work ethic and performance. 

Do they do psychometric evaluations and in-house medicals?

Ensuring that your potential employees or those already on-site are healthy and capable of working to the best of their ability is a vital role that a labour hire company should take charge of. Particularly when physical, manual work is on the agenda for their role, the labour hire company should ensure that they are fit for the role for the safety of the employee, and the liability of the company. There should be a certain number of minimum requirements met for new employees, and actions and avenues in place if an employee’s health takes a turn. 

Will they conduct on-site audits or assessments?

Labour hire companies should always have a policy to conduct on-site audits at the beginning of each project, to ensure health and safety standards are being met and potential employees will be looked after. They should provide a qualified assessor to conduct the audit, have a detailed checklist to look out for, and present the report if asked. 

Are they going to manage, discipline and potentially dismiss workers?

The last thing you want is to work with a labour hire company that simply hires a group of people and then washes their hands of the situation when the going gets tough. Discipline and dismissals are an unfortunate but realistic part of any business project, so ensure that the labour hire company you choose is equipped with the experience, processes and motivation to conduct every aspect of managing employees. 

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