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August 22nd, 2016

The economic environment in Western Australia is constantly evolving. Following the resources boom and years of skilled labour shortages, times have changed and recruitment companies in Perth are facing new challenges. 

Major projects in the mining and resources sector are transitioning from the construction to the operational phase and the sector has to adjust to significant falls in commodity prices.  These factors mean that the needs of employers have changed, and Perth recruitment companies will need to adapt.   

The new operating environment

The slowing of the mining and resources sectors is being balanced by new opportunities in emerging industries and improved prospects for the defence, marine and ship building industries. 

As the economy diverges and technological advances influence the way many companies advertise and add to their workforce. Recruiting companies have to evolve and embrace new technologies.

In constrained times, it’s clear that the recruiting industry has to work harder and smarter. 

While using print and online advertising mediums and social media platform like LinkedIn plays a part, shrewd recruiters have realised that stepping up their networking in the real world and building long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships pays dividends. 

Be sure all your bases are covered

Sure People Solutions offer a holistic solution to manage all your recruitment needs. We operate an ethical business model designed to ensure that the company continues to build exclusive key relationships with a number of select clients within each industry sector. 

By partnering with clients in this way, we eliminate any potential conflicts of interest and ensure our clients benefit from our advanced services and not their competitors. 

Customer service is more than a trite phrase 

In an overcrowded and highly competitive market, Perth recruitment companies need to add value. At Sure People Solutions, we have a track record in matching high caliber candidates with prospective employers. 

We do this by conducting background checks, testing, and verifying references. By using effective and thorough screening and interviewing processes, we only put forward candidates that are appropriately qualified, accredited and experienced and ready to seamlessly transition into your company.  

Sure People Solutions are committed to operating ethically, and as a corporate member of the Recruitment and Consulting Services Association (RCSA) we are bound by their rules of association.